Sage 50 Accounts World Cup tip!

Finishing early to watch the football? Or maybe you'd like to...

 Why not save a bit of time at the end of the day by scheduling your Sage 50 Accounts backups to run automatically.

The schedule backup option is a great feature you can use to back up your data automatically, even if other people are working in the software. You can save time and you no longer need to hang about the office at the end of the day waiting for everyone to log out so you can check your data and back it up. If you have more than one company, it backs them all up, one after the other.

If you use Sage 50cloud Accounts and have set up your Office 365 integration, you can also flag your backups so they're copied to the cloud for added security.

If your software is installed on a network, you just need to be aware that the computer or server that holds your Sage 50 Accounts data needs to be switched on. You don't have to have your Sage software open on that computer or server, but you must leave it switched on for the scheduled backup to work.

By default, your scheduled backups run at 5pm. If you turn your computers off at the end of the day, it's a good idea to amend the time so you're covered.

Read how to schedule you backups, or watch our short demo below.